Messages That Sell

Messages That Sell is a multi-lesson masterclass to help you create LinkedIn and email messages that generate sales.


  • Video lessons you can watch at your leisure
  • Live Q&A session to answer your questions
  • Access to the recordings in case you can not attend live or want to watch again
  • Access to important links and guides
  • Assignments to hold yourself accountable
  • Follow up Q&A session to answer your questions live after you test your new messages


  • Whether you are you a hunter or a farmer you’ll learn how to break through the noise and engage your LinkedIn connections in meaningful conversations
  • The step-by-step messaging process I personally use that gets people to know, like and trust me quickly
  • The five stages of awareness & sophistication and how to send the right message to the right person at the right time
  • How to turn client objections into sales through LinkedIn messages
  • How to reactivate inactive customers with one simple message
  • How to prequalify your prospects before you waste your precious time with discovery calls
  • How to write non-hypey LinkedIn messages that get read every time
  • How to write LinkedIn messages that sell without selling by engaging the subconscious mind
  • How to write LinkedIn invitation messages that get your connection request accepted every time
  • How to write welcome messages that engage your new connections and start pre-selling your services without sounding like a blatant sales pitch
  • How to write follow up messages that get people on the phoneAnd lots more...


  • You’ve been on LinkedIn for years and you’re still struggling to land new clients
  • You’ve invested in other LinkedIn or email training and you’re still not getting business from your messages
  • You’ve tested LinkedIn and email message templates but they’re not getting the results you expect
  • You want to learn how to write powerful LinkedIn and email messages that work for YOUR business
  • You want in-depth, step-by-step instructions so you’re not dependent on expensive copywriters to write your messages
  • You’re looking for real results without gimmicks and honest feedback on what’s working now and more important, what’s not working now


This training may not be for you. If you are a hunter and prefer to aggressively spam your LinkedIn connections with cut-and-paste templates to make one-time sales, this course is NOT for you.

I have a unique marketing methodology based on building relationships and getting people to know, like and trust you. This takes time but it’s worth the effort. I have long-term clients who are repeat buyers and refer their clients to me.

This masterclass is for people who want to build a real business with clients will continue to buy from you over and over because of the relationship you build with them.

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